You have a friend in the BestMan business!

Seriously, folks, mixing a Martini is a simple affair, and mastery of it is imperative.
  1. Fill a martini glass with ice and water (your guest is wondering what the HELL you are doing - pouring WATER into a glass)

  2. Pour a whole bunch of gin into a metal shaker (metal will make your liquids colder than a glass shaker.) use at least four ounces, that's two shots, just pour and move the bottle up and down like you're dribbling a basketball in slo-mo, and move your lips as if you're counting.)

  3. Put a handful of ice into the shaker, cover and begin shaking.

  4. Spear an olive with a toothpick and drop it into the ice water in the martini glass. ( a pickled cocktail onion to create a Gibson.)

  5. Dump the ice water out of the glass and pour in a splash of dry vermouth, you're holding the olive and toothpick in place with your, "hey pass me those nuts," pointer finger (your guest is aghast by this point - that's too much vermouth! Keep him guessing.) swish the vermouth around in the glass, and then dump that too. Make a big show of this - like your shaking a thermometer down - drain the glass - you only want to coat it with the vermouth.

  6. By this point, you should be shaking that shaker full of gin and ice like an amorous epileptic gorilla. Beat it up, bruise it, you're a bad man.

  7. Thanks to your preparations, The glass is cold and prepped, the olive is cold, and the gin is a few degrees above freezing. Strain it over the olive into the glass. What you see before you is a perfect martini you will have trouble handing it over to your guest.

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