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General Rules:

  1. Doubling out is mandatory. This can be anything from double-1 to double-bull. You must double out with exactly what you need to finish.
  2. Scores are always subtracted for the starting amount. Addition can make the finish confusing.
  3. "Bust" scores are not counted and do not affect the total prior to that throw. "Bust" scores include throws which leave only 1 point and those which exceed the required finishing amount.
  4. Bounce-outs do not count. Neither can these darts be re-thrown. The dart point must be touching the board face to count.
  5. Robin-Hooded darts don't count (not touching the board face)
  6. The board's bull-center must be located 5ft. 8in. from the floor. The foul line must be 7ft. 9 1/4 in. from the board.



  1. This game uses the bullseye, the numbers from 20 to 13 and all the doubles and triples associated with these numbers.
  2. Accumulated points win the game, so each category must be closed out. This is done by hitting each number 13-20 and the bullseye three times. If hit more than three times and the opponent hasn't closed out yet, more points are added to your score.
  3. Once each player has closed out a number, no more points can be scored from that number.
  4. The game is over once all players have closed out all areas. The highest point total wins.


  1. Same as the real game, nine innings, score as much as possible.
  2. Single bed counts for 1 point, double bed counts for 2 points triples count as 3 points. Misses are zero.
  3. An inning is complete when all players have thrown three darts.
  4. After nine innings the player with the most points wins. If a tie occurs, go into extra innings until there is a winner.


  1. Try to finish as far under par as possible, using 9 or 18 holes.
  2. Singles count as +1 stroke, doubles as -1 stroke and trebles as -2 strokes.
  3. Par for nine holes is 36, for 18 holes is 72.


    Played using opposing sectors of the board (20 and 3 or 11 and 6 etc.). Each team takes one side of the board to call their goal. 7 points per goal.

Sequence required for goal:

home double
big single
small single
single bull
double bull
single bull
opponents small single
opponents triple
opponents big single
opponents double and a score

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