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It's been our experience that guys who get married after the median age of 26.9 have a lower probability of divorce than those married before the median age. It's simply because older guys have better bachelor parties.


Let's turn the tables on the brides of the world for just one moment and look at this from their perspective. Just as a woman wants her wedding to be the most perfect day of her life, a day that takes months of preparations and a lifetime of thought and dreaming, so too must this be the most perfect party of the groom's life.

The Bridesmaid's solitary goal is to deliver, by all counts, a perfect day. They hold the brides dress up off the ground just so, they wisp the rogue hair from her delicate brow, they watch her eyes to catch just the tiniest glimpse of despair and once seen they mobilize at once to concur the intruding force. It, after all must be the perfect day. The groom must be able to have his one perfect day. So, ladies if you're reading this, lighten up and let him have his day. You'll have him for the rest of your life.

Bride and Groom Shared Parties:

Well this is bound to come up, so lets put an end to the insanity before anything rash occurs. Men you must be able to tell your intended, that you and the guys are going to have a bachelor party, and that she is not invited. And that she is going to have to respect your decision. If you are unable to be that honest with her, your relationship is in serious jeopardy. She must understand that this isn't about her, its about you and your future self respect.

It's not that you couldn't have fun with her and all your combined friends, it's that you've already planed a party with all of your mutual friends. It's called a Wedding Reception. Inform her that It ceases to be a bachelor party if there is any woman there who is a guest.

Insist that she and her friends have their own party. Tell her that you don't want to know anything about it. It's none of your business anyway. Make her understand that you love her, worship her, can't live without her, but you and the guys are going to have a bachelor party and that's the end of that.

Hopefully that will end any discussion of this Shared Party blasphemy.

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