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A cigar made entirely by hand with high-quality wrapper and long filler.
Capital of Cuba. The traditional center of manufacturing of Cuban cigars for export, and a term widely used to designate Cuban cigars. Also refers to the tobacco types grown from Cuban seed in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.
The closed end of the cigar; the end you smoke.
A term used to describe a cigar that is under filled and has a quick, loose draw. Can cause harsh flavors.
A room, or a box, of varying sizes, designed to preserve or promote the proper aging of cigars by maintaining a humidity level of 70 percent and a temperature of approximately 65 to 75 degrees F.
One of the three basic types of filler tobacco. The name means "light" in Spanish, but this aromatic tobacco lends body to a blend.
Long Filler
A term used to designate filler tobacco that runs the length of the body of the cigar, rather than chopped pieces found in machine-made cigars.
A term that refers to cigars made entirely by machine, using heavier-weight wrappers and binders and, frequently, cut filler in place of long filler.
A term used for a wrapper shade varying from a very dark reddish-brown to almost black. The word means "ripe" in Spanish. The color can be achieved by sun exposure, a cooking process or a prolonged fermentation.
The wooden form used in cigar making to give shape to a finished bunch. It has two parts, which, when assembled, are placed in a press. Also, a potentially damaging fungus that forms on a cigar when it is stored at too high a temperature.
A black shade of wrapper, darker than maduro, most often Brazilian or Mexican in origin.
A Spanish term used to distinguish a cigar from a cigarette. Modern usage refers to a blend of tobaccos from one country.
Ring Gauge
A measurement for the diameter of a cigar, based on 64ths of an inch (or millimeters). A 40 ring gauge cigar is 40/64ths of an inch thick.
The Spanish word for "dry," seco is a type of filler tobacco. It often contributes aroma and is usually medium-bodied.
Wrapper leaves that have been grown under a cheesecloth tent, called a tapado. The filtered sunlight creates a thinner, more elastic leaf.
Smoking Time
A 5-inch cigar with a 50 ring gauge, such as a robusto, should provide anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes of smoking pleasure. A double corona, a 7 1/2-inch cigar with a 50 ring gauge, may give over an hour's worth of smoking time. A thinner cigar, such as a lonsdale, smokes in less time than a cigar with a 50 ring gauge.
Tobacco grown in direct sunlight, which creates a thicker leaf with thicker veins.
A type of filler tobacco chosen for its burning qualities.
A high-quality tobacco leaf wrapped around the finished bunch and binder. It is very elastic and, at its best, unblemished.
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