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NBA Playoffs:

See above, except for the Jesus Saves stuff. More like, Jordan blocks the shot, he passes to himself, he shoots, HE SCORES!


The perfect bachelor event. No worries, no hurries, play ball. You get the beer, the food, and the babes, except there's that one additional perk . . .

"Gee it's kinda hot out here", the blonde says to the redhead.

"Yes, I'm v-e-r-y hot", the redhead says.

"And these clothes are so confining", blonde.

"We better start taking some clothes off", red.

"Well we sure don't want any tan lines", blonde.

"No we don't, I'm sure no one's looking", red.

Yeah baby, baseball!

Get there early and tailgate. All the fun girls will be there early to. Have plenty of goodies to offer them. You know beer and beef. The fun just won't end. Play ball!


Loud, greasy, hot, sweaty, and that's just the girls. This could be big fun, maybe rent a Winnebago for the weekend. You could watch the qualifying during the day and drive to the strip clubs at night. Then back to the track the next day for the race. Huge fun. Way to much fun not to share with the guys. If you can get a Pit pass . . . U-Da Man!

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